November 30, 2022


Why Getresponse is the Best: Honest Review

You are here, reading Why GetResponse is the best email marketing software. In this comprehensive GetResponse review, I examine a well-known email marketing tool and examine all of its primary advantages and disadvantages in depth. Is it a good fit for your company, or do you need to go elsewhere?

Let us investigate this further.

The GetResponse platform

Make use of this email marketing tool to do the following:


  1. Gather data and build a mailing list.
  2. Send Newsletters to the subscribers on your mailing list:
  3.  Use ‘autoresponders’ to automate your email marketing.
  4. Open rates, clicks, and forwards can all be viewed and analysed in your email campaigns.

In 1998, the company was founded in Poland, and its initial focus was on making it simple to distribute e-newsletters. A substantial shift has occurred at GetResponse in recent years, with the product now promoting itself as an “all in one” e-commerce and internet marketing solution.

It is for this reason that in addition to email marketing tools GetResponse now offers a website builder, chat functions and e-commerce capabilities.

But the question is: Who pays for all of this?

Pricing for GetResponse

There are six different price tiers to choose from:


  1. You can use the free version of Getresponse indefinitely, as long as your list does not exceed 500 records.
  2. You may send an unlimited amount of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers for $19 a month with Email Marketing.
  3. Starting at $59 a month for up to 1,000 subscribers, you may use Marketing Automation.
  4. Ecommerce Marketing – $119 per month for up to 1,000 members.
  5. Max – customised pricing
  6. Max2 – customised pricing


It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate. 

Your costs go up as you add more subscribers to your list. GetResponse’s ‘Email Marketing,’ ‘Marketing Automation,’ and ‘Ecommerce Marketing’ plans cost $539, $599, and $699 a month, respectively, for a list of 100,000 subscribers.

Max and Max2 are enterprise-level plans that include a wide range of sophisticated features (more on these in a moment). If you’re interested in either of these plans, you’ll need to get in touch with GetResponse to organise a demo, discuss your requirements, and negotiate pricing.


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Comparatively, how does the pricing structure of other email marketing services stack up?

If you have a huge database of email addresses, GetResponse will be less expensive than many of its main competitors if you are happy to use the entry level ‘Email Marketing’ package.

You may host a database of up to 1,000 email addresses for $19 per month with GetResponse, compared to $29 per month with AWeber or Campaign Monitor. GetResponse’s starting price is competitive! Mailchimp’s ‘Standard’ package costs $59 per month if you have 1,000 subscribers.

GetResponse continues to be less expensive as you move up the pricing ladder.

In addition, keep an eye out for the following competition pricing strategies:


  1. There are some solutions (Mailchimp is a perfect example) that will charge you for both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, which can be a major hidden cost. GetResponse only costs you for the subscribers who are really using the service. 
  2. GetResponse offers significant discounts if you pay for one or two years in advance (18 percent and 30 percent respectively). This is more generous than the discounts offered by the most popular competitors.

As a result, GetResponse’s pricing is competitive when compared to its peers.

However, what about the functions and features?

Features of GetResponse

GetResponse’s entry-level plan has an unusually wide feature set compared to other email marketing solutions.

All of the features you’d expect from an email marketing platform, including email list hosting and templates and autoresponders and analytics are included in the platform, but the recent expansion of the platform into an all-in-one marketing and eCommerce solution has made it even more powerful.


Whether or not this makes the product a jack of all trades and master of none is the question.

To learn more, let’s take a closer look at its features.

Using an autoresponder, you can send e-newsletters to your subscribers on a schedule that works for you.

For example, you can configure them so that…


When someone joins your mailing list, you send them a welcome greeting and a discount offer for some of your products or services within a week of them signing up.

About three weeks later, they receive an email urging them to join your social media accounts. As long as you’re on one of GetResponse’s subscription plans, the platform includes some of the most complete autoresponder features accessible.

Autoresponders from GetResponse can be more complex than the simple “drip” style autoresponders mentioned above.


This is referred to as ‘Marketing Automation,’ and it can only be used in its entirety on plans that include it.

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It allows you to put up ‘automation flowcharts,’ essentially telling GetResponse what to do in response to a user’s actions on a certain page or a given offer, for example.

Templates for the email marketing service, which has a lower number than some of its competitors (AWeber, for example), are more diversified and current, and they may be easily edited.

In addition, all of the GetResponse templates are responsive, which means that they instantly adapt to the device on which an e-newsletter is being viewed—a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, for example.


Preview your newsletter on desktop and mobile devices with the help of this feature.

While a tablet preview option would be good, in reality, most tablet devices show emails in a manner that is very similar to how they are displayed on desktops).

In terms of analytics and reporting, GetResponse has a lot to offer. While you’ll get all the essentials, including open and click-through rates and unsubscribe rates, you’ll also get some very useful reporting capabilities. 

It is possible to identify users who clicked through to a specific newsletter, and send them a suitable follow-up based on their engagement or lack thereof.


Email ROI (return on email marketing investment) can be calculated by adding tracking code to your site’s post-sale page and calculating how well (or not!) your email campaigns are driving purchases.

In addition, you can discover where your subscribers came from, where they’re now situated, and which emails they’ve opened in the past by clicking on one of your subscribers.

The Pros of Getresponse.

AWeber and MailChimp have similar reporting capabilities, especially in terms of tracking sales, but GetResponse’s reporting tool is by far the most comprehensive.

  1. Expanded services such as SMS and email chat are among the advantages of GetResponse.
  2. Auto-responder choices that are powerful
  3. Easy-to-use features for email marketing
  4. Improved integration with e-commerce

Cons of Getresponse

  1. The results of the analytics are disappointing.
  2. There is no 24-hour phone support for customers.



How can you know if GetResponse is the best newsletter service for your needs?


  1. In order to obtain new customers, this is a good choice. There are few newsletter tools that are actually built for inbound marketing like GetResponse. Flexible forms, landing page editor, Google Analytics integration, and advanced automation for segmentation allow you to both collect and nurture new leads with this tool. It’s also possible to run live and on-demand webinars using them.
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With the help of their Conversion Funnel function, you can arrange and track all of this in an efficient manner.

  1. Ecommerce: GetResponse includes a slew of capabilities to help you increase sales if you run an online store. These include interfaces with Magento and Shopify, abandoned cart marketing campaigns, dynamic email content (based on recent purchases, for example), and sales tracking.

It is possible to set up your e-commerce site and begin creating your sales channels with landing pages, social media campaigns, webinars, and much more with GetResponse’s Conversion funnel function.

  1. Advanced automation is required.  Automated email campaigns, lead scoring, contact segmentation, and data updates are just some of the functions that GetResponse’s workflow builder can be used for (available on higher-tier plans only).
  2. You’ll require thorough records. 

Everything from your contacts to your newsletters and automated processes may be analysed using GetResponse. The new look and feel is crisp and well-executed.

Not a good idea or recommendation

  1.  If you’re looking for high rates of delivery. 

Any email marketer must take deliverability into account. According to our deliverability testing, GetResponse has some room for improvement. It’s important to monitor deliverability rates because they are subject to change.




When it comes to newsletter software, many other options fall short when it comes to both capabilities and ease-of-use, as this GetResponse review seems to demonstrate. We also remarked on the excellent list management automation tools and the flexible and intuitive automation procedures that it offers.

In spite of the editor’s clumsiness, their templates are responsive and good enough to produce something meaningful despite its shortcomings. Because of the availability of a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, GetResponse is now even more convenient to use.

GetResponse is undoubtedly doing a lot of things right with its broad list of impressive services such as landing pages and webinars. It would be ideal if GetResponse could improve its deliverability rates, but despite this, it does exceptionally well across the board. Getresponse is a small business email marketing tool that can do just about whatever you need it to do.


Adding a free lifetime plan to GetResponse’s menu of choices is also something we can all get behind.

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