August 11, 2022


Reliance HMO a Health Insurance Company in Nigeria Legit or Scam?

Ask no more! You are here reading about Reliance HMO a Health Insurance Company in Nigeria. The question now is whether the Health Insurance company is legit or scam. Search no more because I will be telling you everything you need to know about Reliance HMO Company in Nigeria.


All You Need to Know About Reliance HMO



They are a health insurance firm that uses software, data science, and telemedicine to make health insurance more enjoyable, inexpensive, and accessible. And they are very reliable, try them today and testify for yourself. 

With an unmanaged HMO service to consumers, Reliance HMO was founded in 2017 to eliminate industry gaps through the use of technology.


Today, thanks to its innovative e-ID, you don’t have to fight to keep your physical health care because your identity for service redemption is virtual and available from your account via the web portal or your mobile application.



Reliance Health Insurance Company is one of Nigeria’s nationally approved HMOs. With this licensing class, purchasing a plan from them can be redeemed at a partnered hospital in any state nationally.


Reliance HMO Resolved to Remedy It with Science Technology in The Digital Age



By developing a health insurer that truly cares about your well-being. To accomplish this, we leverage technology and data science to make everything easier, from paying for health insurance to getting cared for at the comfort of your home and remotely without stress and huddles of any kind. 


Health Insurance is A Headache and Reliance HMO Is the Answer


Purchasing insurance for yourself, your family, or your business in Nigeria is difficult. Before you can get care, you must fill out lengthy documents and wait a long time. Customer service does not exist, and hospitals provide bad service. But with Reliance HMO everything seems very easy and rewarding. That is the reason why you should choose and work with Reliance HMO as your best Health Insurance Company in Nigeria currently. Make a move now.


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With Awesome Health Insurance Service, Reliance HMO Makes it Pleasant.


You are a person, and you deserve to be treated with respect. We are committed to providing you with the finest possible customer service. This means that we will go to whatever length to ensure that you enjoy using your health insurance. You Can Rely on Reliance Anytime and Anywhere in Nigeria why? Because they are technologically and digitally inclined in their services. 



Reliance HMO is dependable that you can rely on


This is Reliance HMO’s promise to you, and you can count on them to keep it. Most health insurers have lengthy vision and purpose statements that, in the end, are merely words that don’t provide results. Reliance HMO doesn’t do that; instead, Reliance HMO offers a simple brand promise: Reliance HMO will do all it takes to ensure you have a positive experience with your health insurance.


Queries Received on The Internet (Searches) About Reliance HMO)



  1. Reliance HMO legit or scam?
  2. What is Reliance HMO company?
  3. What is the primary aim and objectives of Reliance HMO?
  4. What are the benefits involved?
  5. Can I make payment and be treated at any Hospital? 
  6. Can I buy for my staff and how?
  7. How to apply for a reliance HMO Plan?
  8. How quick will Reliance get me registered?
  9. Do reliance HMO get a mobile App? 


Now these questions will be answered accordingly, just stay tuned as I will be walking you through all the questions and possible questions available from searchers all over. 


Reliance HMO legit or scam?

yes, reliance HMO is legit and not a scam, you can trust RELIANCE HMO\



What is Reliance HMO company?

It is a health insurance firm that provides access to high-quality health care at a low cost. Try Reliance HMO today and you will not regret it.


What is the primary aim and objectives of Reliance HMO?

They are a health insurance provider that leverages software, data science, and telemedicine to make health insurance more enjoyable, inexpensive, and accessible. Try Reliance and attest to its goodness and concern.



What are the benefits involved?

It comes with varying levels of benefits depending on your plan.


These advantages accrue as long as you keep your subscription active. For example, you may be qualified to redeem five services in your first month, and these services may rise in your third month, and so on, as long as you do not miss a payment.


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If you skip a payment, you will forfeit your benefits and have to start over the next time you pay. As a result, the advantages vary depending on the Reliance HMO plan you choose.


Can I make payment and be treated at any hospital?



Yes. However, for the first seven days, you can simply walk in and obtain treatment for minor ailments (no admittance is permitted during your first 7 days).


Can I buy for my staff and how?


Reliance HMO offers a company-specific plan that necessitates the submission of business information.



Simply go to the company strategy to obtain this. use this link below or click here 


How to apply for Reliance HMO plan?



Simply click the button below to sign up for a plan: CLICK HERE 

or use the link below



How quick will Reliance get me registered?


Registration takes a few minutes, and your account will be ready as soon as you finish the sign-up information.


Do Reliance HMO get a mobile App?



Yes, Reliance HMO has a mobile App that can help make all the processes much easier.

Simply search for Reliance Care on Google Play for Android smartphones or the App Store for iOS devices.


Breakdown of Reliance HMO Plans and Their Prices



Individual-focused policies are available from Reliance Health Insurance:

These plans are also available if you wish to buy for your family of at least four people, and you will receive a 20% discount.


  1. Alexandrite Individual
  2. Red Beryl Individual
  3. Pre-existing Condition Plan



Individual Alexandrite Plan – Reliance HMO


This is our top selection plan to choose for, with #1.8 million health coverage at over 800 hospitals, 150+ more than that allowed for its Red Beryl plan, including access to gym and spa at only 6,000 per month.


Alexandrite is a medium-sized Reliance HMO plan that includes wellness and health examinations, including eye and dental exams.



If you enjoy going to the gym, this is the plan for you because it includes two sessions each week, one more than the basic option.


Alexandrite will shoulder the expense of up to #300,000 in cases when surgery is required, which is 100 percent more than Red Beryl.



Benefits of the plan


  • A medical plan worth #1.8 million per year
  • Access to health professionals five times a year
  • Every year, 300,000 is available for 14 various operations.
  • Free wellness and health checks are available at select Reliance Health Insurance locations.
  • Availability of eye and dental care
  • Access to the gym (two sessions per week) and the spa (once per year)
  • Use the Reliance Care mobile app to consult with doctors for free from anywhere.
  • Healthcare is available right away.
  • Access to 888 hospitals throughout Nigeria
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Individualized Red Beryl – Reliance HMO



The Red Beryl plan from Reliance HMO is the most affordable, starting at #3,500 per month.


This plan provides you with #1.2 million in health insurance coverage every year, with access to over 700 hospitals countrywide.



If you want to keep fit and grow muscle, this plan includes access to the gym once each week.


In comparison to Alexandrite #300,000 coverage for surgery situations, this plan provides a maximum insurance value of #150,000 that is limited to 9 distinct types of surgeries.



While the Red Beryl Individual Reliance HMO plan does not provide as much coverage as the Alexandrite, it is still worth considering.


Benefits of the plan


  • Access to the gym (1 session per week), but no spa
  • Consult with doctors for free from anywhere using the Reliance Care mobile app
  • Instant access to healthcare 
  • Access to 717 hospitals all over Nigeria A medical coverage worth ₦1.2 million a year
  • Access to health specialists three times per year
  • ₦150,000 worth of coverage for 9 different surgeries available every year.
  • Free wellness and health checks at selected Reliance HMO centers
  • Access to the eye and dental care



Plan for Pre-Existing Conditions – Reliance HMO


The PEC plan is a Reliance health insurance add-on package designed for persons with serious diseases such as arthritis, hypertension, peptic ulcer, and diabetes.


It is designed for elderly individuals, but it can also be acquired in conjunction with any of the previous two plans for full health insurance coverage for younger persons with unique circumstances, as indicated above.



This plan costs #11,500 a month, but if you pay for four or twelve months in advance, you will receive a 20% discount.


One advantage of this plan is home medicine delivery, which eliminates the need for patients to attend health centers because the necessary medication will be provided to them.



Benefits of the plan


  • Treatment is redeemable immediately following purchase.
  • Health coach check-ups on a regular basis
  • Medication might be delivered to your home.
  • Free wellness and health tests are available at select Reliance HMO locations







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